Hey there!! G’day greetings. So today’s post is an inspiration from a picture which I will be inserting with this post. This photograph is clicked by my friend and also I’ll put down his Instagram details so that you could find more intriguing pictures like this in his account.

Photo Courtesy: SAJAL EAPEN

Link to his account: https://www.instagram.com/sajal_eapen/?hl=en

Have you ever thought that days were more euphoric, contented and satisfying as a kid? I did and I almost do it every day now. Those were the days filled with lot of emotions with a fun factor hidden behind everything, totally carefree. We all are born with a complete understanding of fun, which seems to fade over time. Every child is an inspiration and so is every act they do. If we all were totally zealous and enthusiastic in our children phase, then why not know?

If you look at this picture, this adorable looking kid seems to be totally carefree, smiling at unfamiliar people and yeah he did pass a smile on. How cute is that? The brightness in his eyes totally blew my mind off and that smile, I could probably not forget it.

They make every task bright, fun, gleeful and even chaotic. I personally feel that anything can be learnt and achieved at any age and break the stereotype. Everyday something new can be learnt, like new words and facial expressions but this time try to learn it from a kid. Aren’t we the ones who tell our kids that ‘learning is fun’? Look at us, we adults are so much affixed to our problems and worries that we forget that we can conceal them with the happy days of our life. I would rather say we are too much addicted to worrying about the imminent time which never ever exists in the present. Kids don’t, they live the moment and we should decisively learn this art of living from them.

I would narrate a short memory from my childhood days just to elaborate what fun was to me. When I was 9 years old, the only friend I managed to have near my place is Abhilasha (Minnie, grown up to be a gorgeous young lady now). I managed just one friend because we were the only kids in the campus, rest all were too old for us to make friends with. So this festival HOLI came every year and we didn’t even bother for once that we are alone. We were filled with so much joy that we would go for our small little colour shopping next to our place and buy cool little stuffs for holi. The infectious fun she had was too amazing, it made me to fall in love with the madness she had. We celebrated holi with each other, yeah just the both of us and never got bored of each other. There was too much positive vibes around us that we didn’t ever feel alone. We enjoyed the moment with each other, we played, we laughed, we ran, we jumped and most importantly we enjoyed each other’s company. 

This is what life is all about. Enjoy each other’s company. Had we sulked that moment that we are alone, we would have not had this happy ever cherishing memory. My exact point is why not continue to be the old us? Why don’t we enjoy the madness? 

The principal key to live life as a kid is to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and we all should evidently stop being so much self-conscious. Make it a point to smile more often and sulk little. Slow down, take your own time recreating and enjoying your own life. If you think it isn’t that bad and is not going to hurt you emotionally, go for it.  Fun doesn’t come with a bunch of rules.

Decide to rediscover your madness, unlock your optimism and treat responsibility and work like a fun task. If I had to list out few fun things to find the lost kid in me and feel the liberation, I would say…

  • Giggle more often with friends
  • Trust good things will happen
  • Spread love and joy
  • Run, jump and even crawl {only if needed ;)}
  • Wake up every day believing it to be the first day of your life
  • Jump over puddles
  • Say sorry, please and thank you
  • Be the king or queen of your kingdom
  • Satisfy yourself
  • Smile at people
  • Give warm hugs to your friends
  • Laugh at your own unique sense of humor
  • Sing out loud
  • Wear hot neon pink pants

Just kidding ;). The last point actually doesn’t make any sense.

It’s time you realize your natural zeal and energy have totally lost their spell. So waiting for what? Find your sunshine and enjoy being a kid again.  Try to step out of your self-esteemed mode and you will be surprised to find how free and liberated you feel. Never forget to pick ideas from kids to add more fun to your daily life.

Live everyday with great joy and be grateful for it. LIVE IT NOW OR NEVER.