World on mute for a while..

Time: 10:44am

Place: CP, Delhi.

A bright morning with a little sprinkle of the heat and breeze and it seems to be an unusual day (Just to me). Sitting under a tree with a book in my hand and my earphones plugged in, I decided to update my words.
It is one of the busiest place in Delhi, yet everything seems to be on mute. All I could feel is the gentle breeze embracing me and a bit of heat patting my hand through the little gap in the branches. Right now I feel disconnected from the world and trust me it feels good but it also makes me realize out of no where how socially awkward I am.
It is absolutely surprising how this place looks so calm right now. Okay! I guess it’s my earphones that’s making me feel like everything around me is on mute (Practical Realization).
Delhi is indeed a beautiful place for people with different interests and aspirations. Unbelievably twenty years now and I have never managed to keep myself intrested in myself,  forget about anybody else. Time spent alone makes a person to discover the concealed interests and skills. Most importantly I got to know my music playlist more. I found songs that I did not even know  I had. Woah! Too much discovered today. “Time spent alone results in discovering yourself”. True, absolutely true. Hopefully I’m finding myself intrested in myself now. How strange is that!! Haha. Anyway now that I know I’m socially awkward and I can find tranquillity and merriment all by myself, I also witness the day to be awesome.

[This experience is different. Sitting here in this busy city amidst all the noise, I found the place muted and calm. So I wrote believing that the rest is still unwritten.   – Evlyn] 


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