A Voyage Discovering Yourself..

Hey Guys! I am back with another post. I know I’m posting after so long and so many of you have been asking about it. I apologize for the delay and I’ll make sure I write often and post regularly.


So, Valentine’s Day is around the corner but I’m definitely not writing anything related to it. Instead I decided I’m going to talk about you. Yeah! About you, it even applies to me quite evidently. Have you ever thought of knowing yourself better? Do you really know what is it which makes you happy in life or maybe what really do you believe in? So many questions about you are still unrevealed. It’s time to know yourself better, if you haven’t yet.

This time I am up with few interesting questions, which you are going to answer and know more about you. We are not going to talk about any personality test or learning about your family backgrounds, neither are we talking about your food and clothing choices or your childhood best friend. We are going to talk about who you really are at the bottom line, what lifts your spirit, what drains your happiness and so on.

I personally went through all the questions and tried answering them. Trust me, this helped me a lot in knowing myself at the core. At first, I found myself answering few of them very diplomatically but also realized being cautious to myself and knowing the answer evidently, is worse. [I tried to act smart to myself I guess 😉 ] However, my inner voice was screaming out the answers and I had to accept them.

So moving on……..

Just a little tip:  Always remember no answer is right or wrong, it is only you who is going to reveal the secrets and build a strong bond with the person within you. Whenever you are ready to do this, get rid of all the noise around you and sit back in a calm place. Take few deep breaths and just relax. Make sure you note down the answer for every question in right order. When you are done, read every answer with the corresponding questions.


So the questions are:

  1. What is life to me?
  2. Who matters the most to me?
  3. What lightens me up with joy?
  4. What am I proud of?
  5. What is my biggest fear?
  6. Who is the person I don’t like yet I spend time with and why?
  7. What does my inner voice tell about me?
  8. What am I grateful for?
  9. Where do I feel safe?
  10. What are the new activities am I interested or willing to try?
  11. How is my existence in this universe helping people?
  12. If a relationship or job makes me feel unhappy, do I choose to stay or leave?
  13. If I have to choose between fame and happiness, what will I choose?
  14. What do I feel about my parents?
  15. Am I grateful to people who helped me?
  16. Do I celebrate my life?
  17. Do I compare my life with others?
  18. How often do I sulk over my existence in this universe?
  19. Am I really the person who I once desired to be?
  20. Am I truthful to myself?

And that’s it. You’re done…..

I know, it’s quite tedious and boring to answer questions but when you start doing, it picks up pace and yet in time becomes quite interesting and even fun. These answers may be new to you or maybe hard to believe but that’s the unsaid reality.

You are gifted to do beyond your capacity. So are you loved, loving and loveable and you are more than enough. Getting to know yourself is worthwhile; I would say you can trust me on this. So, just hit it…









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