Hey folks!

Thank you for scanning my previous post and encouraging me to write more. All your comments and reviews are being valued and used in the betterment of scribbling fresh.

So, I am back with another post but this time it is a bit different from the previous one. In this post I choose to connect with you, the enthusiastic one reading this.  I have a recommendation before you read any further. I recommend you to think of an answer every time I put up a question and then read further. Is that fair? Great, so here we go……

What is Change?

Remember what I recommended? Did you think of an answer? Yes? Sure?

So, the universal definition of change according to the oxford dictionary is, ‘Make or become different’. If I had to quote my answer to this question, then I would define CHANGE as ‘to become different or to undergo an alteration’. You may or may not agree with my definition as this word has so many dimensions. Places change, preference change, trend change, seasons change, conditions change, people change, you change and even I change.

Before I started to scribble, I asked for opinions from so many of them to know what exactly they feel about change and I gradually observed that they all had a very unique way of defining the term, despite it being the same.

Changing for good is an optimistic case whereas; the other should be treated as a contrary of the same. A change can count to be a good one if it results in being a boon to the pertaining matter and similarly it can be considered as a change for bad if it is a stumbling block for others around.

Just to narrow it down, let’s talk about the change observed in people. Why do you think people change? Thought of an answer? If you did, then let’s take it forward. I have a perception that people change because they really want to be different from being the monotonous one or maybe just fond of acquiring a new penchant.

Many a times you find yourself in a situation where you find it difficult to accept and welcome the new change in people. People’s change can be catastrophic to you but think of the other aspect. Every coin has two sides so does every occurrence has two aspects. The change that made you feel downcast may prove to be a good change for the other person and for you. As quoted in the BIBLE-

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ecclesiastes 3:1

It is now quite evident that everything changes for a reason and there is a fixed time for everything to change. Never be so dependent on any person that you can never accept the change but feel despaired. Another quick thought that passes across my mind when I think of the change observed in people is ‘EXPECTATIONS LEAD TO DISAPPOINTMENT’. Think of the situation where you expect so much from a person who fails to keep up to your expectation just because the person has adopted new changes. This change leaves you disappointed. The bible says in PROVERBS 26:11 – ” As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.” The habit of a dog is to go back and consume the discarded puke and the habit of a fool is to repeat the same absurd act again and again. The only spot where we are at fault is after experiencing so much, we go back to square one. Even after knowing people change with time, we fail to understand this and go back to repeat the same old process of expecting too much from the same person who changed long back and we end up being disappointed again.
This change somewhere or the other becomes an inevitable part of life that the feeling of being left out slowly fades away. The very essence of life is to ACCEPT & MOVE ON. Start believing in yourself, if you haven’t yet. Trust me, once you start to feel less perturbed about the change, you’ll become more comfortable with the change and may even find tranquility. This change for sure would enable you to explore yourself and find a new charm in life to be joyous and ecstatic. NEVER FORGET, CHANGE IS BEAUTIFUL AND YOU MIGHT HAVE PEACE AND ASSURANCE IN THE FACT THAT THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU NEVER CHANGES. 



There is a humorous anecdote behind every blog I write. The previous night before this post was published, I was in a call with a friend and out of no where I happened to ask him , ” What is Change?” just to know his opinion and collect ideas for the post. He got so much into the question that he said, “It is the term for money where the banknotes are changed to coins”. This honest and spontaneous answer of him left us laughing for the next few minutes. Later, I explained about the change I was talking about and then got to gather ideas from his opinion. CHANGE IS BEAUTIFUL.

– Evlyn Nisha



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